Silicone being applied by roller to granulated rolled roofing.

A completed seamless silicone roof coating 32 mils thick.

Before photo — with 5 layers of roofing and gravel.

After Photo — 3 inches of Spray foam with a silicone coating’

Quality Coatings And Roofing Services

Silicone roof coatings are the longest lasting Fluid applied roof coatings in the industry. They have to ability to with stand ponding water and the harmful uv rays from the sun. We apply our coatings to a thickness of 38 wet mils which gives a dry mil of 36. With this thickness it will last well over twenty years and potentially 50 years with proper maintenance and annual inspections.

Silicone roof coatings are specifically made to be installed over many types of substrates, TPO, EPDM, MODBIT, MODIFIED BITUMAN, BUR MODBIT, FOAM, METAL ROOFING ,AND CONCRETE. Although it is extremely important that in order to apply a silicone roof coating system to any of the mentioned roofs, they must be in good working order and be free from moisture. Even though the surface is dry when there are more than two layers present it is extremely hard to tell if there is moisture with out first doing core samples and extensive investigations.

Roofing Companies in Albuquerque

We pride ourselves in working with on the best manufacturers and the longest lasting products on the market. We are always scouring the internet and experimenting to make sure we have the latest and greatest products and installation practices.

A flat roof canal cracked, being prepped for silicone with fibers.

The crew prepping the Spray rig to Spray apply silicone to an aged foam roof.

Applying a silicone coating on a Spray Foam Roof.

Spraying 5 inches of Foam.