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Roofing Company In Albuquerque

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There are many types of low slope roofing products on the market, they all range in price and effectiveness. Tar has been around for a long time dating all the way back to the Egyptians, tried and true it has had it’s day in the sun. There are many roofing materials that are made from tar and bitumen materials.

Modified bitumen is a hot applied or self-adhered rolled roofing that is granulated to protect it from the sun.  Life expectancy 10-15 years.

Tar and gravel built up roofs are a series of layers of hot tar and tar paper stacked up and then covered with gravel to protect it from the sun. Life expectancy 10-15 years. There are a few others not worth mentioning here.

                TPO Thermoplastic polyolefin Is a single ply white membrane made in layers with scrim as a binder to hold it together. Just like most of the flat roof products it has a shelf life of about 7-15 years. It loses thickness to the sun every year and has many seams that make it susceptible to failing. TPO is often installed over an existing roof. Installing tpo over an existing roof creates condensation between the two layers of roofing and traps moisture where you don’t want it. It requires about 1000 screws to install it and often  times you are left with hundreds of exposed fasteners in the parapet walls that are not legal or allowed by building code And cause leaking through the parapets.

                Edpm Is a single ply product that is install exactly like TPO. The only difference is that EPDM is like a giant bike tube a stretchy black membrane

                Canales are where the water exits the roof. Most flat roofs leak at the canales where the metal meets the roofing material. As roofs expand and contract from the extreme heat and cold they experience. They start to give way the seams and protrusions. Annual maintenance in the right areas can prolong the life of a roof immensely.

Flat Roof Solutions Company in Albuquerque

                Foam and coatings have been around for a long time they are install in place and create a monolithic body that has no seams. It can be applied to create slope and as long as the foam is protected from the Ultra-violent light It will last forever. Foam roofs are the least prone to leaks and with proper maintenance will outlast almost every other low slope roofing material. Silicone roof coatings don’t lose thickness to the sun and are a permanent solution with proper maintenance and thickness.

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