Foam Roof Albuquerque

Foam Roof Albuquerque

When it comes to selecting the right roofing material for your home, the options can seem endless. But if you're looking for a solution that combines durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, foam roofing stands out as a superior choice. At 99 Restoration, we've explored various methods of applying spray foam to flat roofing substrates, including tar and gravel, TPO, EPDM, and modified Bitumen (BUR). Through rigorous experimentation, we've honed our approach to ensure the utmost reliability and longevity of our foam roofing installations.

The Advantages of Foam Roof Albuquerque

Our extensive experience has led us to a key realization: the best way to maximize the benefits of foam roofing is by applying the foam directly to the wood decking. This method creates a watertight bond between the foam and the house, virtually eliminating the risk of leaks unless there's significant damage to the foam itself. And should any repairs be necessary, foam roofing's visibility makes it easy to identify and fix issues promptly.

Some of the unparalleled benefits Foam Roof Albuquerque offers:

  • Lasting Durability: Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials available today. With proper maintenance, many SPF roofs have lasted over 50 years without significant signs of degradation.
  • Seamless Insulation: By applying foam directly to the wood decking, we create a continuous, seamless barrier that offers exceptional insulation. This can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, making your home more energy-efficient.
  • Simplified Maintenance: The nature of foam roofing means that maintenance is minimal and straightforward. In the rare event of damage, identifying and repairing issues is quick and efficient.

The Installation Process, Simplified

Our process for installing foam roofing is designed to ensure the ultimate performance and longevity of your roof. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Inspection: We start with a thorough examination of the wood decking to confirm it’s structurally sound and free from moisture, ensuring a solid foundation for the foam.
  1. Preparation: The surface is meticulously cleaned to remove any debris, dust, or oils that could compromise the foam’s adhesion.
  1. Priming: A special primer is applied to the decking to further enhance the bond between the foam and the substrate.
  1. Application: The spray foam is then evenly applied across the wood decking, creating an impermeable layer of insulation and protection.
  1. Protection: Once the foam has cured, we apply a silicone coating to shield it from UV rays and weathering, guaranteeing its durability.
  1. Final Inspection: The installation concludes with a detailed inspection and any necessary touch-ups to ensure the integrity and quality of the roofing system.

Why Choose Foam Roofing Albuquerque for Your Home

By choosing foam roofing, you're not just installing a roof; you're making a long-term investment in the comfort, efficiency, and resilience of your home. With its ability to outlast traditional roofing materials and its minimal maintenance requirements, foam roofing offers peace of mind and significant savings over time.
At 99 Restoration, we're committed to delivering the highest standard of quality and satisfaction with every foam roofing project. Contact us today to learn more about how foam roofing can benefit your home and to schedule your consultation. Experience the ultimate roofing solution—experience foam roofing.

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